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Court Reservations

Click here to reserve “Safari users can access via this link” (

Reservation Policies

  • ‚ÄčAll players either:
    • Have a reservation to play or

    • Go to the pro shop for court assignment.

  • The reservation system (TennisDirector) will not allow reservations beyond 7 days.

  • Courts may be reserved in 1-hour and 1 ½ hour increments.

  • Lighted courts (courts 12-13-14) may be reserved in one ½ hour increments.
  • Backboard and Ball Machine may be reserved in one hour increments

  • Two Hour Court reservations will be available once Club Championship matches start

  • The system will allow a member to make 4 reservations or be included in 4 reservations within a seven-day period.

  • A member may have 3- seven day in advance reservations and one same day reservation.

  • The online system will not allow a member to make more than one reservation or be included in one reservation per day. If a player wants to play more than once on the same day, and courts are available, please call the pro shop, they can book the court – 617-731-5319.

  • When booking a court with a guest, please make sure you add the name of the guest

How to Reserve a Court

  • First option (online or on app): this method is preferred
    • Please see the tutorials available on both sites.
    • Go to (Safari users use this option)
    • Go to the Longwood website and click on RESERVATIONS (next to the HOME PAGE tab).
  • Second option – Call the pro shop after 9:30 a.m. for reservations - 617-731-5319
FYI, 7 day in advance reservations can be made as early as 7 a.m. a week out